"Who needs explosives."

Seamus Cowden

DOB: 04/02/1982
POB: John O'Groats, England
Position: Attacker

Height: 1.92M
Weight: 104KG
Gender: M

Unique Gadget

Gadget only available to this operator.

The Caber (Tactical Breaching Hammer)
Gadget - The Caber (Tactical Breaching Hammer)

The Caber Tactical Breaching Hammer is capable of creating a large hole in any destructible surface.



Unique Skins

Skins applicable to weapons only available to one or two operators.


Fellow operators from SAS.

Description here…


Seamus Cowden is a natural leader and intimidating physical powerhouse; he holds the all-time speed and strength record for the SAS qualifying physical exam. He prefers to be the point person on operations, ready to create a path for his teammates with one swing of his tactical breaching hammer “The Caber”.

Sledge is the operator to choose for quick and relatively silent destruction. His breaching hammer can be used to quickly go through multiple destructible walls, floors and barricades.

Tactical Profile


Seamus Cowden hails from the upper tip of the Scottish Highlands. Due to his imposing physical presence and athleticism, he found early success as the Captain of the 1998 Scotland National under-20 Rugby Union Team. A strong desire for public service inspired Cowden to enlist in the army at 18, after five years on active duty, he was recruited by the SAS.

Psychological Profile

Cowden displays natural leadership qualities, likely developed during his amateur sports career. His comfort on the front line can be attributed to his confidence and tactical experience.


  • British Army: 3rd (UK) Division
  • SAS Operative

Relevant Experience

Holds the all-time speed and strength record for the SAS qualifying physical exam. Seamus Cowden developed an operational expertise in breaking down barriers with a breaching hammer.


Seamus Cowden was integral to the SAS, and his recruitment to Rainbow squad is a major coup for their operations. His professionalism and tactical abilities are beyond reproach, and he is expected to perform at the highest level in his new role.



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