Getting Started with Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six spawned from Tom Clancy’s novel with the same name. From the novel, Rainbow is an international counter terrorist unit comprised of elite personnel from the participating NATO countries law enforcement agencies. Allied governments would call upon Rainbow’s aide when faced with dire terrorist situations.

Recruit Briefing

As a Rainbow Six operator, you are thrown into high intensity situations where you must use your expertise, your equipment and the rest of your team to gain a tactical advantage that allows you to overcome unmeasurable odds.

In Rainbow Six: Siege, tactical shooter game play has evolved to new heights as how you use the environment is as vital to your teams success as any other factor. Understanding the types of building materials and how they respond to damage opens the doors for unlimited creativity in creating a tactical advantage.

Over the course of this Rainbow Six Basic Training series, we will:

Advanced Training

After you have successfully completed basic training, you can choose to advance your skills as a Siege operator by reviewing the Rainbow Six Bootcamp Advanced Training content.

Counter Terrorist Units

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