EDD MK II (Entry Denial Device)

EDD MK II (Entry Denial Device)

The EDD MK II is an advanced claymore mine designed to deny entry into entryways that offer little escape from the shrapnel of the device as it explodes.


The device can be placed on any entryway that you can barricade. Simply approach the entryway, then press and hold your primary gadget action button to install the device on the entryway. It will detonate automatically if the trigger system detects any movement through the entryway.


  • The trigger system uses a laser which is visible from all sides if the entryway is not barricaded.
  • A fairly large / red spike can be seen on the opposite side allowing attackers to quickly identify / disable it
  • It will be eliminated if shot, hit with an explosive, hit by Twitch’s RSD Model1 Shock Drone or Thatcher’s EG MKO EMP Grenade

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