Game Modes

There are currently three primary game modes of Rainbow Six Siege; Situation, Multiplayer and Terror Hunt. Within those, is several more secondary modes.

Situation Mode (PVE)

Situation mode is a single player mode designed to teach you the important components of game play. There are ten total different situations you are presented with overcoming as a Rainbow Six operator. Each one is supposed to get more difficult and expose you to not only all of the different types of objectives of the game, but also unique gadgets that come along with each of the unlock-able Rainbow Six operators.

  1. CQB Basics
  2. Suburban Extraction
  3. High Value Target
  4. Tubular Assault
  5. Cold Zero
  6. Asset Protection
  7. Neutralize Cell
  8. No Intel
  9. Improvise Defense
  10. Heavily Fortified
  11. Article 5

Also situation mode offers three levels of difficulty (Normal, Hard, and Realistic) and three challenges to be completed that earn you extra renown.

Terrorist Hunt Mode (PVE)

Terrorist hunt mode allows you to play the scenarios available for multiplayer mode against terrorist bots. There are four different scenarios that you will be ordered to execute as a Rainbow Six Operator on three different difficulties. You can team up with 4 other operators or go Lone Wolf if you have what it takes.


There are generally three types of terrorists you face in Terrorist Hunt: Roamer, Bombers, and Ambushers.


There are three different difficulties you can play Terrorist Hunt on: Normal, Hard and Realistic.


Normal difficulty provides you with an infinite amount of time to complete the objective against fairly easy hostiles. Generally there are two terrorist bombers and around three terrorist roamers. On Normal, the terrorists have less precise shooting and do less damage.


When playing on Hard difficulty, you are limited to a set time frame to complete the objective. Roughly the same number of hostiles that are spawned in Normal can be expected in Hard. Also, enemies have precise shooting ability and do normal damage.


Like in Hard difficulty, Realistic also requires you to complete the objective within a set time limit. However, there are more hostile terrorists in Realistic mode and they have increased reaction time, accuracy and damage. It has proven to be a worthy challenge for the most seasoned operators and requires effective cooperation amongst the squad.


In each Terrorist Hunt you are tasked to siege a fortified compound filled with hostile terrorists with a specific objective. The four possible objectives are below.

Terrorist Hunt Classic

The objective of this mode is to eliminate all enemy terrorists that are fortified within the compound.

Hostage Extraction

This mode requires you to locate and safely extract the hostage back to a certain location on the map.

Protect Asset

You and your team have been ordered to protect a high value asset at all costs, you start off within a room and need to fortify defenses before attackers arrive to eliminate your asset.

Disarm Bombs

Terrorists have fortified a target location and armed two bombs that are minutes away from detonation. You need to infiltrate their defenses and disarm both bombs.

Multiplayer Mode (PVP)

Multiplayer mode places you with four other operators playing against five operators via a match making server. There are three types of multiplayer game play, casual, ranked and custom. Essentially multiplayer is team death match with the addition of playing to achieve an objective, either as an attacker or a defender. The three different possible scenarios are Bomb, Hostage, or Secure Area.

Each match consists of a set of rounds where you alternate playing as an attacker or defender. You earn a point for winning the round by either eliminating all members of the opposing team or completing the objective. The number of rounds you play in a single match depends on which PVP mode you are playing and performance of each team.

Winning the round is essentially best of N, where N is the requirement for that PVP mode (casual = 5, ranked = 7), however for ranked, you have to win by two points. For instance, if both sides win 3 rounds each, then the match will enter best of 3 overtime, playing up to another 3 rounds.


Each multiplayer match has one objective that is played for all rounds of the match. There three possible objectives are below.

Secure Area

Secure area is effectively capture the flag. The terrorists have a container filled with a biochemical that they intend to use as a weapon. Team Rainbow has received intel of the containers location and have arrived to secure the container until the hazmat team can come and retrieve the container.

If you are on the terrorist team (defending), you win the objective by eliminating all Team Rainbow operators or preventing them from securing the container before the round ends.

If you are on Team Rainbow (attacking), you win the objective by eliminating all hostile terrorists or by securing the container. In order to secure the container, you have to enter the room with the container in it and stay in the room for 10 consecutive seconds.

The container enters contested state if there are operators from both teams in the room at the same time. If you have begun securing the container and a defender contests the container by entering the room, it will interrupt the timer, preventing you from completely securing the container. The defender must be eliminated or pushed back to finish securing the container.



Casual - Ranked - Hardcore Comparison

Casual Ranked Hardcore
(coming 2016)
Clearance Level Required 0 20 20
# of rounds Bo5 Bo7 Bo7
Overtime SD Bo3 Bo3
Compass 1 1 1
Crosshair 1 1 1
Enemy name 1 1 0
Frag grenade indicator 1 1 0
Friendly name 1 1 1
Friendly outline 1 1 0
Health bar 1 1 1
Hit indicator 1 1 1
Hit indicator
(gadgets & FF)
1 1 0
Kill cam 1 0 0
Kill indicator on crosshair 1 1 1
Reload indicator 1 1 0
Scoring indicator 1 1 0
Spawn vote 0 1 1
Spotted warning 1 1 0
Threat indicator 1 1 0
VS notification 1 1 1
Weapon panel 1 1 1


  • BoX - Best of X
  • SD - Sudden Death
  • 1 - Feature is enabled
  • 0 - Feature is disabled

Rank System

Rainbow Six Siege uses a system derived from the ELO rank system. Winning is the most important aspect considered for promotion, allowing players who play support roles to progress through the ranks just as quickly if not faster than players who have higher K-D ratios.

Here are all of the possible ranks you can have as a player, Copper I being the lowest and Diamond being the highest:

Custom Multiplayer

Custom multiplayer mode allows you to start your own match with a set rotation of maps and scenarios. Custom games do not get queued up for match making, so other players need to explicitly go to the custom multiplayer game screen to join. Also, it is the only game mode where Renown is not earned for completion. Here are more details about Custom matches.

  • Will be playable on dedicated servers (in an update shortly after launch), with the following constraints:
  • Match requires 10 players in it
  • The data center that will host the game will be the closest one to the player who created the custom game session.
  • Once the lobby has been created, the server will wait a certain amount of time for it to be filled up to 10 players. If the wait duration goes above a certain limit, the custom game session will be cancelled.
  • Custom games hosted on dedicated servers will not be listed and will be accessed by invitation only, after the lobby is created.
  • Custom matches that aren’t held on dedicated servers (LAN or peer-to-peer) will be listed in a server browser.

Counter Terrorist Units

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