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There are two different currencies used within Rainbow Six Siege, Renown & Rainbow Credits, which allow you to purchase operators, weapon mods and skins.


Renown is the main currency in the game. It is the only way to unlock operators and weapon attachments. It can also be used to purchase weapon skins.

You gain renown three ways:

  • watching the three introductory tutorials in game
  • rewarded for completing challenges
  • rewarded for playing a complete match in any game mode except custom

Match Reward

Getting renown for completing a match is how you will get most of your renown. The amount of renown rewarded depends on the difficulty for PVE and whether you are playing Ranked or Casual for PVP. You will get a higher reward for Realistic difficulty on PVE situations or terrorist hunt than you will on normal. You will get a higher reward from a Ranked PVP match versus a Casual PVP match.

Below is a table of game modes and the approximate renown you will be rewarded for completing a match in that mode.

Game Mode Lose Reward Win Reward
Situations 12 - 15 35 - 45
Terrorist Hunt 40 - 80 110 - 160
PVP Casual 110 - 150 250 - 300
PVP Ranked 250 - 300 350 - 450

Renown Farming Tips

The fastest way to renown farm is to set your Matchmaking preferences for Terrorist Hunt to Classic and Extract Hostage. Then play TH on Normal. Each complete round with a squad of 5, shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes with loading time. If you played for an hour and earned 130 renown on average, you would have earned around 2500 renown. With Ranked, your renown farmed per hour would only be around 600 - 900.

Rainbow Credits

Rainbow Credits is a virtual currency used to purchase in game items for Rainbow Six Siege. It can be used to purchase some weapon skins, new DLC operators such as JTF2’s Buck or in game renown boosters.

You can buy Rainbow Credits for real currency like USD or EUR within the in game shop.

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