Tina Lin Tsang

DOB: 05/04/1995
POB: Vancouver, British Columbia
Position: Defender

Height: 1.72M
Weight: 58KG
Gender: F

Unique Gadget

Gadget only available to this operator.

Sterling Mk2 LHT "Welcome Mat" Mechanical Trap
Gadget - Sterling Mk2 LHT "Welcome Mat" Mechanical Trap

The rubber mat and concealed metal jaws are bolted in place. When the pressure plate is engaged, two sets of jaws at ankle and shin height deploy, locking the person in place.


Unique Skins

Skins applicable to weapons only available to one or two operators.


Fellow operators from JTF2.

Intro / description paragraph…


A combat systems officer, Tina Lin Tsang is a focused and meticulous planner. She uses the Sterling Mk2 LHT or “Welcome Mat”, a floor mounted, rubber and metallic spring loaded leg-hold trap that provides her with a non-lethal means of immobilising her prey. The sleek design of the “Welcome Mat” allows for seamless deployment in a variety of areas and environments without the need for extensive camouflage.

Tactical Profile


Tsang grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. When she turned eighteen Tsang enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), and was sent to the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) as an Officer Cadet. After completing her bachelor’s degree and officer training, Tsang was stationed at CFB Comox with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria (JRCC Victoria).

Psychological Profile

Tsang is an extremely focused individual who meticulously plans out every move she makes. When she sets her eyes on a goal, there is little that can stop her. Tsang is patient and never takes shortcuts.


  • Royal Military College, Kingston: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Combat Systems Officer-Training
  • RCAF, JRCC Victoria: Combat Systems Officer
  • JTF2 Assault

Relevant Experience

A search and rescue tech, Tsang’s ability to quickly solve complex problems with simple solutions and remain composed under extreme pressure made her an excellent candidate for JTF2.


An avid hunter, Tsang has used leg-hold traps to capture prey from raccoons to mountain lions on Vancouver Island.


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