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Rainbow Six operators are the best law enforcement agents from around the world. They endlessly train, evolving their skills because in their line of work, every fraction of a second can be the difference between life and death.


The Rainbow Six Recruit is the initial operator that you start with. As a recruit, you have access to the weapons and gadgets of the best Counter Terrorism Units around the world. What you don’t have access to as a recruit is weapon modifications, weapon skins, and the unique gadgets used by the named operators.

Named Operators

There are currently twenty named operators across the five CTUs included in the game. Each operator needs to be unlocked using Renown points. How many points it costs to unlock an operator is based on how many you have unlocked per CTU, starting with 500RP for your first operator of a CTU and increasing by 500RP for each additional operator. For example, to purchase Ash as your first operator from the FBI SWAT unit, you will spend 500RP. If you then want to purchase Thermite as your second operator, it will now cost you 1000RP.






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