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Official announcement of a new Rainbow Six Bootcamp feature: Weapon Ratings based on play style. We developed algorithms to evaluate weapons based on various play styles.

Ubisoft Nerfed Weapons

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EDIT: This was a mistake as weapons were not nerfed, the damage was changed to display the amount of damage done to operators wearing light armor.

Along with Ubisoft’s Season One v2.0 release of Rainbow Six Siege, came a fairly unnoticed nerf of weapons. Every weapon in the game before v2.0 was nerfed, a few more significantly than others.

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The first official season DLC release for Rainbow Six Siege, Black Ice, is being released today, 2/2/2016.

Ubisoft today announced the official second title update to be released starting today for PC and 01-14-2016 for consoles. This update is being released first to PC to verify improvements before releasing to consoles.

Ubisoft has announced a free play weekend where current players can invite a friend to join them on Team Rainbow. Starting Friday, December 18th at 6PM EST you can play Rainbow Six: Siege for free until Monday, December 21st at 12PM EST.

First Content Update

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The development team has scheduled Rainbow Six Siege’s first scheduled maintenance down time on Wednesday, December 16th at 1PM EST. The down time should last approximately an hour, during which time online play will not be available. After the maintenance has completed, exit the game client if it is not already and download the client patch via the Uplay interface.