"You can stop shouting "Grenade!" now, I got us covered."

Marius Streicher

DOB: 03/09/1978
POB: Düsseldorf, Germany
Position: Defender

Height: 1.80M
Weight: 69KG
Gender: M

Unique Gadget

Gadget only available to this operator.

ADS-MK IV "Magpie" Active Defense System
Gadget - ADS-MK IV "Magpie" Active Defense System

The ADS-MK IV “Magpie” is an active defense system designed to intercept grenades thrown into a room. It uses its advanced cameras to identify and target explosives to be disabled before they reach their intended destination.



Unique Skins

Skins applicable to weapons only available to one or two operators.


Fellow operators from GSG 9.

Intro / description paragraph…


A veteran of GSG9 anti-piracy ops in the Indian Ocean, Marius Streicher has seen action as a helicopter operator and technology advisor. He can secure areas against airborne explosives using his active defense system or “Magpie”, capable of neutralizing any projectiles on approach.

Tactical Profile


Raised by his uncle, a mechanic for what became the Bundespolizei (BPOL) Aviation Group after reunification, Streicher joined BPOL as a helicopter technician. In BPOL he began designing defensive weapon systems, including a ground-based Active Defense System (ADS) prototype that caught the attention of GSG 9.

Psychological Profile

Streicher is highly creative and curious, with a strong desire to serve. He has a tendency to lack humility. Though he has a remarkable affinity for complex machinery, he is not adept at reading social cues. Coupled with his boisterous tendencies he can be a bit abrasive.


  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering
  • Bundespolizei: Helicopter Technician, Weapons Maintenance
  • GSG 9: Technical Advisor
  • GSG 9: Operator

Relevant Experience

  • GSG 9 Basic and Advanced trainiing
  • CQB training for operations at sea
  • Involved in anti-piracy ops





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