"Stick behind me and your ugly mug might live to see another day!"

Elias Kötz

DOB: 04/02/1980
POB: Bremen, Germany
Position: Attacker

Height: 1.75M
Weight: 75KG
Gender: M

Unique Gadget

Gadget only available to this operator.

G52 Tactical Shield
Gadget - G52 Tactical Shield

The G52 Tactical Shield is an upgrade from a standard ballistic shield that was equipped with a high powered flash device capable of blinding enemies at short range.



Secondary Weapons


Unique Skins

Skins applicable to weapons only available to one or two operators.


Fellow operators from GSG 9.

Blitz is GSG 9’s most durable operator however this durability comes at a cost, making him also the slowest of the unit. Blitz offers a bit more than some of the other heavily armored operators that are equipped with ballistic shields. His G52 Tactical Shield has been engineered to offer a blinding flash that is the equivalent of 24 flash bang grenades.


Known for his tendency to use humor to diffuse stressful situations, Elias Kötz carries a similarly unorthodox device into operations: a riot shield equipped with bright flash charges capable of stunning hostiles while offering substantial protection.

Tactical Profile


A student of Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium, Kötz excelled academically and as a sportsman in HBG’s bilingual program. His imposing physique made him an exceptional athlete, he carried his experience on the field into his military training. His jovial nature and academic background eased the transition from a Schnelle Kräfte soldier in Kosovo to a member of the GSG 9. Kötz was integral to establishing an anti-terrorism unit in India following the 2008 attack in Mumbai.

Psychological Profile

Kötz has seen his share of battlefield horrors but is mentally resilient. He uses humor to disarm and as a device to manage stress during operations. He is the first to rush a barricade and is always willing to place the team’s safety over his own. Kötz rejects the concept that his deeds are in some way heroic. When faced with overt praise, he will become self-effacing.


  • International Baccalaureate Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium
  • Division Schnelle Kräfte
  • GSG 9

Relevant Experience

  • Kosovo
  • Mumbai, India (Trainer)





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