"Your gear come with that polish?"

Dominic Brunsmeier

DOB: 08/13/1974
POB: Berlin, Germany
Position: Defender

Height: 1.80M
Weight: 95KG
Gender: M

Unique Gadget

Gadget only available to this operator.

CED-1 (Crude Electrical Device)
Gadget - CED-1 (Crude Electrical Device)

The CED-1 is a defensive device used to prevent attackers from being able to mount breaching charges or other devices onto metallic surfaces (reinforced walls, windows, or doors) and barbed wire.



Primary Weapons

Secondary Weapons


Unique Skins

Skins applicable to weapons only available to one or two operators.


Fellow operators from GSG 9.

Intro / description paragraph…


A former undercover agent within the Hannover Hells Angels, Brunsmeier is known for taking obsolete items and repurposing them into weapons. He has cobbled together a device that can electrify barbed wires and barricades, and injure or destroy anything that comes into contact with it.

Tactical Profile


Brunsmeier and his twin brother Cedrick joined the Bundesgrunzschutz (BGS) the day after their eighteenth birthday. Stationed with the border patrol he would spend his first year getting accustomed to following orders and filing paperwork.

Psychological Profile

A prankster, Brunsmeier honors and humiliates his brother’s memory each time he deploys the Crude Electrical Device (CED), the weapon responsible for Cedrick’s early retirement from the BGS. Resourceful and adaptive, Brunsmeier relies on his cunning for survival.


  • Bundespolizei formerly known as Bundesgrunzschutz (BGS)
  • Weiterstadt Red Army Faction
  • GSG 9
  • GSG 9 Undercover Agent Hannover Hell’s Angels

Relevant Experience

In his second year with BGS, Brunsmeier was assigned to a joint task force aimed at quelling the growing threat of the Red Army Faction (RAF). In 2006 he was recruited by GSG 9 to go undercover, where he would spend four years imbedded with the Hannover Chapter of the Hell’s Angels.





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