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The gear you choose is just as important as any other decision you may make as it contributes to your units overall strategy. If your entire unit selects breach charges as your secondary gadget, then you have less options when it comes time to breach.


Most operators have the option to carry a primary and secondary firearm. Generally operators have a choice from two different weapons for each holster that are favored by their CTU. For example if you select to play as the British SAS operator Sledge, you will have the option to select between a M590A1 combat shotgun or an L85A2 assault rifle for your primary weapon and a P226 MK25 sidearm or SMG 11 for his sidearm holster.

Primary Weapon

Operators generally have the choice of primary firearms from the assault rifle, shotgun, light machine gun or submachine gun classes. There are two operators who cannot have a primary weapon because they are equipped with unique ballistic shield, those operators are Blitz of the German GSG-9 and Montagne of the French GIGN. There is one other operator who can equip a shield, Fuze, but he also has the option to use two other rifles.

Secondary Weapon

For secondary firearms, operators generally get the option between a handgun with high stopping power or high ammo capacity. There are only two operators who can choose a submachine gun for their sidearm holster, Sledge and Smoke with the SMG 11.

Weapon Mods

All primary and secondary weapons can be modded, some more than others. Mods are important because they contribute to a successful tactical operation. You can attach a barrel mod like a suppressor which is critical for a stealth breach or an under barrel laser if you need to move quickly and not worry about lining up your sights.

Most weapons can be equipped with a sight, grip, barrel mod or under barrel laser. At minimum, each weapon can be personalized with a skin which is cosmetic only.


There are four sights available to most primary weapons and the SMG 11:

Barrel mods

There are three barrel mods available for your weapons.

  • Silencer - Available for almost all weapons except a few handguns and shotguns
  • Compensator - Available for most primary weapons
  • Flash hider - Available for most primary weapons


Under-barrel attachments are available to customize your weapons. Currently there are two under-barrel mods available, the laser and vertical grip.


There are over 100 in game weapon skins available for you to customize your weapons. The skins are cosmetic only and are visible to all players in the game, not just yourself. Some skins are available for all weapons (e.g. USA Winter Camo Weapon Skin) but the majority are restricted to either a CTU (e.g. Glory Weapon Skin) or a specific weapon (e.g. Red Asphalt Weapon Skin).

Once you purchase a skin, it is available for the weapon you purchased it for, even if the weapon is usable by multiple operators. For example, if I purchase the Modern USA Camo weapon skin for the M590A1 Shotgun would be available to be applied on any operator within SAS.

Purchasing skins is done via:

  • some skins are gifted for free to players from Ubisoft for participation in specific events (e.g. beta testing or playing during a holiday weekend)
  • the in game operator loadout screen using Renown / Rainbow Credits
  • the in game shop, skins can be found in the HIGHLIGHTS, BUNDLES, WEAPON SKINS, and DIGITAL CONTENT sections of the store using real currency (e.g. USD, EUR, etc) and Renown / Rainbow Credits
  • the Steam store under DLC for the game
  • the Rainbow Six Siege Uplay Club page, within the Rewards section

View all weapon skins


Gadgets allow operators to create or capitalize on a tactical advantage.


Every attacking operator is equipped with two powerful drone vehicles. Each drone has a high resolution camera and the ability to jump over obstacles. Continue to advanced drone training.


Defenders have hacked access to the surveillance cameras of the fortified compound they occupy. They can use their mobile device to view the content of those cameras. You can learn more about the cameras for each individual map.

Unique Gadgets

Each Rainbow Six Siege operator is equipped with a unique gadget that sets them apart from their teammates. Many of the operators have engineered the device themselves, like Bandit’s CED which originated as a means to pull pranks on his brother.

Secondary Gadgets

Alongside the operator gear mentioned above, operators also can carry a secondary gadget. They have one of two secondary gadgets available to choose from based on their tactical role.



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