"The best offense is a bulletproof defense."

Miles Campbell

DOB: 09/20/1980
POB: Sherman Oaks, CA
Position: Defender

Height: 1.85M
Weight: 95.3KG
Gender: M

Unique Gadget

Gadget only available to this operator.

UTP1 (Universal Tactical Panel)
Gadget - UTP1 (Universal Tactical Panel)

The UTP1 - Universal Tactical Panel is a bulletproof barricade that is more resistant than the standard ones available to all defenders.



Unique Skins

Skins applicable to weapons only available to one or two operators.


Fellow operators from FBI SWAT.

Intro / description paragraph…


A third generation law enforcement officer, Castle brings an expertise in defense and reinforcement to Rainbow squad, ever ready to deploy his signature reinforced barricades.

Tactical Profile


Campbell graduated from Cal State LA with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and promptly joined the LAPD. After five years on the job, he was assigned to the LAPD SWAT team where he excelled for three years before being transferred to the FBI. Campbell spent two years as an FBI field agent when his career took a natural progression as he was reassigned to the FBI SWAT team.

Psychological Profile

Campbell has a knack for putting people at ease. He always appears comfortable regardless of the context. Campbell consistently strives to ensure everyone around him is taken care of and feels safe, and is highly protective of the people close to him.


  • California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA): Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice
  • LAPD: Police Officer, SWAT
  • FBI: Field Agent, SWAT

Relevant Experience

  • FBI New Operator Training School (NOTS).
  • Multiple cross-departmental training sessions with Federal and International law enforcement including SAS, GIGN, and GSG 9.
  • FBI SWAT WMD training.


Studies languages as a hobby. Speaks Latin, Spanish, and Korean.



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