Rainbow Six: Siege Free Play Weekend

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Rainbow Six: Siege Free Play Weekend

Ubisoft has announced a free play weekend where current players can invite a friend to join them on Team Rainbow. Starting Friday, December 18th at 6PM EST you can play Rainbow Six: Siege for free until Monday, December 21st at 12PM EST.

To get access to this free weekend, beg your friends who you know already play to visit Ubisoft Rainbow 6 Keys, click the button that says “GET THE FOUR FREE CODES” and send you one of the four codes. If you don’t know anyone who plays currently, check back here later today as the clock gets closer to 6PM. We may be able to acquire some codes to give away.

Once you have your code, simply follow these instructions to get the game loaded up and begin your journey as an operator of Team Rainbow.

  1. Open the Uplay PC client and log in
  2. Click Activate Product on the icon
  3. Enter your activation code above, exactly as it is displayed
  4. Click OK

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